UMM Red and White Campus

New student orientation (Pesmaba) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) was officially closed by the Minister of National Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Prof Dr Ir M. Nuh, DEA, Sunday (9/9). The closing ceremonial signed that for 6.655 new students following Pesmaba were formally be the students of UMM.

Nuh stated, Pesmaba closing ceremonial was a special event. Since the guest in attendance was not only one Minister but also two rectors from foremost university those were the Rector of ITS Prof Dr Ir Tri Yogi Yuwono, DEA and the Rector of Unesa Prof Dr Muchlas Samani as well as the Director of Kemendikbud Institution Prof Dr Ir Achmad Jazidie, M.Eng.

UMM, said Nuh, was red-and-white campus or called as NKRI campus. In this campus, students were directly interacting with the students from various cities around Indonesia which was often said having culture and language diversities. “Learning to understand the diversities has been growth in this university,” said Nuh after watching documenter film “Jas Merah Kampus Putih” which told about UMM students from various regions.

Indonesia, he said, indeed should be built by the generation who fully understand the diversities as nation’s wealth. “It is not Indonesia if not having Aceh, Ambon, Papua, Nusa Tenggara, Jawa, and Madura. It is not Indonesia if not having Islam, Catholic, Budha, Hindu, and Tionghoa. UMM having the students from all those background, so, here is the best place to learn to be Indonesian,” said Nuh who came to UMM using helicopter.

Mendikbud advised the students to understand the main difference between being university student and high school student. “The one makes them different is maturity. Therefore, the student who has been matured should hold on two substantial things; responsibility and independence,” said the former Rector of ITS.

Responsibility was a part of daily life which demands the students to have a freedom. University students may do anything as he wanted to as long as still responsible on his own life. In addition, independence was the students’ identity.

Furhtermore, UMM Rector Dr Muhadjir Effendy, MAP, reported after had been passed from Pesmaba, the new students were still programmed to follow the other orientations. They had to be quarantined for six days in the Program of Caharter and Leadership Building (P2KK) and students Day every Saturday for one semester.

This year, the number of new student was increased rather than the previous year. Even though, UMM Rector promised, the 15% increase would not lessen the service quality. Precisely, the number would be praised and be a pillar to increase the quality.

Pemaba lasted for four days. The grand opening was opened by Pangdam V Brawijaya, Mayjen TNI Murdjito and the stadium general by the former of Minister of National Education Prof HA Malik Fadjar, Thursday (9/6). (nov/uci/nas/t_vik)



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